Name: Enlai Shujin
Gender: Male
Species: Kirin (gold)
Birthday: April 14
Zodiac: Aries

Running, Gem Stones, Being Shifted.

Strangers, Being Afraid, His Colouring.

Timid, Indecisive, Shy.

Can shift from human to kirin forms.
Flitting - able to pass through trees to travel to other location.
Can talk while shifted.

Unlikely Occurrences
Bonded to Hailey.
Father of Rin & ??? (uni) with Hailey.

While many people find his colouration pretty or unusual, most all kirins find it distasteful. Markings of any sort are strictly discouraged as impure. Because of the shame of their son displaying such patterning, he was abandoned to live on his own at the young age of 12.

Play List
Undisclosed Desires by Muse
Round And Round by Imagine Dragon
Something I Need by OneRepublic
Safe and Sound by Capital Cities
Starlight by Muse