The Keeper of the Forest

by Crevan

As the eldest of the litter, it is unsurprising that Fell has a responsible, calm, and intelligent disposition. While many of the younger siblings are off playing, Fell finds a quiet spot to lay down and watch - he finds it his duty to keep them safe, because the Between, in all its beauty, hides many dangers, too.

Fell maintains order among the many creatures of the strange habitat of the Between. He knows the dangerous ones, the friendly ones, and how they can peacefully coexist. However, they are in constant need of his guidance, especially as the landscape continues to evolve due to his family's inhabitance there. He's known for his logical problem solving, but also for his strength. When words are not enough, Fell will take action in removing evil from his home area. He is especially good at vanquishing troublemakers due to his stealth, as his coat changes colors to match the flora of the Between, and his footsteps are light and silent.

While his siblings see him as brooding and stern, Fell has a soft side to him, especially with young children and animals. He has a special ability to make everyone feel comfortable, and while he may seem cold and standoffish, he'll never refuse the comfort of cuddling with his siblings in his downtime.