Name: Jacques V. Cromwell
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Birthday: August 21, 1317
Zodiac: Leo

Fooling around, Seducing Women, Biting, Charming & Teasing People.

Small spaces, Boredom, Food, Getting Caught at his Games.

Charming, Flirty, Conceited, Self-Centered.

May move faster than the eye can track.
Can shift into a magpie when needed.
Bite drugs victim to feel physical pleasure/love.
His spit can heal most wounds.
Can defy gravity to a minor extent.

Addiction - Midnight Woods - Desire - Night - Blood - The Romantic

Significant Other

Past Relationships


Doesn't have any preferences on male or female, they all taste the same. Doesn't really attempt to build relationships, but will seemingly make them because manipulating people through them is more of a game than anything to him. Without vampirism he will show severe effects of hemophilia, including bruising caused by internal bleeding as well as spontaneous bleeding. He will also become ravenous but unable to sate his hunger as an after effect of being a vampire for such a prolonged period of time.

Gave up his vampiric abilities in order to make Natalie happy, became a loup garou to make up for it.
Kept his vampiric abilities sneakily, in a way that only triggers when his immortality does because he couldn't stand to completely lose them.
Later on accidently mixed loup garou and vampire blood to become what he named a birbdog.