Name: Sten L. Wolf
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Immortal
Birthday: September 1, 1769
Zodiac: Virgo

Solitude, Antiques, Etiquette, Books, Reading, Instruments, Quite, Dogs.

Immodesty, Technology, Nosey People, His past, Being immortal, Becoming a ghost.

Stiff, Unyeilding, Old Fashioned, Loyal.

Immortality - While he isn't fond of it he lacks the ablity to die perminately.
Regeneration - A side effect of his immortality he regerates from injury very quickly.
Ghosting - If he is fatially wounded he will temporarrily leave his body and take the form of a ghostly wolf. Possession - While he is a ghost it is possible for him to posses people (rarely used).

Snow - Each Time - Ocean Tide - The Dance - The Potion - A Kidnapping - Best Short Story Ever

Significant Other


Adopted Kids

Was redesigned, and has human ears now, though some of the older art still shows the originial.
Smokes a lot. Sometimes he drinks too, but he's a light weight, so gets drunk easily.
Was actually married to a witch who "cursed" him with immortality by mistake when she was trying to gain it for herself.
Didn't really realize he couldn't die or age at first, and eventually got remarried and had kids with the second wife, doesn't talk about this to anyone though. They are presumed dead via the length of time that had passed since then.
Carries a photograph of his first wife Elizabeth (the witch), who also happens to look nearly identical to Molly and his second wife (who's name he never gives).
His immortality is linked to his musket, which he has on him at all times.